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Sometimes the best people get the shortest end of the stick-- is it because they've given it up for the sake of others?

You're too good, too good for sadness. I hope you find what you're looking for, wherever you're going, I hope i've helped you in some way, though I probably haven't... just by being here, I hope I've given you something. To have done so, would be one of my greatest honors.

Funny boy, you're destined for big, big things.
I hope you find yourself again, soon.
I hope you find the answers you've been looking for.


Who knew that deep talks could come so easy, before? 
Who knew that some people could be so sad, could be so upset... Of course I knew, but it was something i never wanted to acknowledge, really... So many people in this world deserve so much better. 
I'm going to make things better. 

Starting with me.

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